Smiling at your heart acts as a vibrational golden ray of light, magically creating a formless key for you to enter your  spiritual court yard , your inner universal  school. If you wish to know the truth or have any questions you wish to be answered, this is the  sacred place where all will be revealed to you.. Patricia  Sandra Koby

Messages of the Heart

a beautiful uplifting book!

Dear Friends,
I am Patricia Koby, founder of Women’s Health, Knowledge and Prosperity, a Taoist teacher with 35 years experience practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, and conducting classes on health and well being. I am also author of the book “Messages of the Heart”, that comes with companion CD “Embrace your Heart”.

‘Shine your soul light’

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“Messages of the heart”

‘Be with your divine beloved’



In our communities some people work from home, more than often feeling isolated, as well as others experiencing loneliness and depression, feeling emptiness within themselves, and some others busy doing the doing which may cause stress or anxiety.

The book Messages of the Heart guides you to conquer those elements, by practicing smiling at your heart it creates a beneficial inner change, which helps to calm the mind and relax the body, giving you a feeling of comfort, solace with the knowingness that you are not alone in your life’s journey, you have an inner infinite companion, your “higher self” that never judges you, only wants the best for you and loves you the way you are, no matter what circumstances you may experience in life.

Smiling at your Heart leads you to uplift your health and well being and being connected with your spiritual source that fills you of love, and  giving you to feel your inner richness and lighting your life journey.

Joya Healing Home

Joya healing home is situated in Warburton, Victoria, Australia. This is where Patricia conducts every last Sunday of every month teaching classes on the philosophy behind Smiling at your Heart.

Patricia practices what she preaches. She makes enormous differences in helping her class participants to recognise the greatness that lies within all of us. She continues to pursue her passion, by giving support to women from all of walks of life, on health and well being.

She helps them to find their passion, by enhancing their understanding on how to increase and transform the inner Qi energy. Patricia’s passion for her work exudes from her with abounding love and sheer devotion, helping all who seek her expert advices. She is an inspiring person with a sense of humour and full of love.

Smile – Inspire – Uplift Hearts and Souls

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Patricia is located on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia