A Message on Gratitude

Gratitude led me to fulfil my soul purpose which became my passion .

Hello, my name is Patricia Koby ,the founder of womens health-knowledge and prosperity. I am a practitioner in Chinese medicine {Tcm} and a teacher of Tao philosophy. I conduct classes on health and natural rejuvenation.

48 years ago my husband and I with our two daughters ventured by boat from France to Australia, without a word of English and knowing no one.

As we arrived to port Melbourne two people were waiting for us .

This was an unbelievable surprise ,a surprise arising from the power of word of mouth .For this I am awesomely grateful.

These two people opened their heart and their home, giving us the opportunity to start a new journey easily .

After few years, through word of mouth I was led to a job in a branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia {checking serials money numbers} I am so grateful.

I liked sewing. I used to make my dresses, with a desire that one day I would be able to work in a boutique. I would visualise myself in a boutique serving women.

I believed that I could sell very well. One day through word of mouth I was working as a sales assistant { believe and you can achieve} I became a fashion stylist, it was a passion helping women to select their clothing.

There were lots of laughter in the boutique and in the cubicles: I am a person with a spontaneous sense of humour, a good laugh feel good, it uplifts hearts and gives a happy atmosphere.

I am very grateful that I was able to fulfil this desire and to have this opportunity to help women .

Since I was a teenage ,I wanted to be a teacher ,a teacher of stars -I believe we are all stars!

Whilst I was working at the boutique ,I took night classes and went to study counselling and remedial massage followed by a variety of meditation technique. All these course opened my appetite for wanting to learn more about mind ,body and consciousness.


Once again through word of mouth I was led to Professor Lun Wong who thought traditional Chinese Medicine {Tcm} I studied Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, Taiqi and the Tao philosophy ,following by the study of Medical science .I worked for a while in a healing clinic.

After some time I opened my own healing centre and for 35 years my practice and classes has all been conducted all through personal referrals For a few years I went to France and Italy on working holiday where I practiced Tcm and conduct classes, In these countries too, my clients were from personal referrals.

Finally I was in my element ,teaching .Teaching the stars.

In the process of my life journey ,the urge to write rose from my heart ,I start to write but ! English is not my first language and I needed help with grammar. I spoke to friends about it, word went around and one day on my day off ,five of my friends unannounced came to visit me surprise!!

They came to help decode my milestone of French and English. sentences. With all of us around the table it became a comedy of laughter I am awesomely grateful to every one of my friends . I am grateful to have a loyal friend that is helping to edit my second book which will soon be completed.

I am grateful to be able to empower women from all walks of life, that come to my Self healing workshop ,which offer an absolute inner transformation that harness health, happiness and wealth. It enables them to see and feel how their personal inner energy field increase to uplift and motivate their action and decisions it enables them to achieve their goals or desires .

And further more they can use the Self healing program in a exciting healing care profession or self help healing or using for family.

Gratitude as been part of my life journey. Gratitude act as a golden key of expanding your life, your work ,your passion and fulfils your heart and soul. Thank you- Thank you – Thank you