About Patricia

Deep within the core of every person’s heart is a smile that reflects and express their inner language of peace, harmony and joy.. Patricia Sandra Koby

About the Author

Patricia’s interests in learning about the mind, body and spirit developed at an early age in the French Alps.

Patricia KobyUnder the guidance of her parents, who believed Nature as the greatest teacher, she journeyed further on her path by integrating their philosophies with formal studies in the human energy field plus self development methods based on the teachings of Ernest Homes (recognized leader in metaphysics) She combined this with years of study and practice of Buddhism.

Eventually she was led to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong following the Tao (Dao) philosophy.

She conducts workshops, seminars and consults to individuals through her private practice, helping people to help themselves to lead a happier more fulfilling life. She is a true inspiration. Her hypnotic personality and sense of humour combined with her charismatic accent, are a joy to those that surround her. She has a profound effect on people, touching hearts and awakening the inner energy and love that resides within us all.

She speaks three languages including English, French and Italian and is currently learning Chinese Mandarin.

Patricia practices what she preaches…she walks her talk!

…Help yourself to help others help themselves

“Patricia has a natural gift in initiating an awakening of energy within people. She is trusting and generous. Her warm nature and inner peace opens the hearts of others and, helps them to feel calm and reassured. Her charismatic personality is enchanting. She is truthful to herself and to others.” .. Dr Marcell Ramaglia