Early Morning Salute To The Sun

On my early morning walks along the sandy beach, I am astonished by the heavenly body sun that, rises majestically from the horizon of the blue ocean .

I stand and watch as the sky is painted bright red orange and yellow.

Has I admire this stupendous sunrise canvas in the front of me, giving me to feel grateful for every thing I have and see at this moment in time, the sunrise rising giving life to all the planet earth .

Has I was admiring the stupendous sunrise well! I could not help to give a salute, A salute that I have learned from a yogi master when I was teaching in Italy.

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Rekindling The Spirit Of People

The key to human progress is to have enough people who can devote themselves to rise their own field of energy to Send and touch other human fields. The effect is to inspire each other towards, their own great potential.


Dear readers

My friend the pen and I have always had a passion for writing. The pen waltzes on the landscape of the paper, while my inner angelic light caresses my hands. I feel its subtle vibrational energy tingling and flowing through my body, filling my heart with its essence. It empowers me with courage and guides me to create a colourful humorous ‘tapestry-of life-stories’ for your enjoyment. I also wish to share with you a variety of simple, effective exercises so that you may experience the inner peace and loving essence too.

 Here is the first of many meditation exercises to come your way:

Shine the Light of your Soul

 We human beings are multi-dimensional beings. We are an infinite vibrational light energy living within a uniform. Our uniform is our physical body. Our vibrational light energy expands out into the infinite universe. This is your true soul light. I also call this the spiritual court yard or the inner universal school. If you wish to know the truth or have questions you want to be answered, this is the place where all will be revealed to you and where your soul light releases its loving essence that heals and uplifts your wellbeing.

I encourage you to take time to embrace your soul light. After all it is your life companion. It patiently waits to give you love and guides you while shining its light on your decisions, actions and commitments.

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A Message on Gratitude

Gratitude led me to fulfil my soul purpose which became my passion .

Hello, my name is Patricia Koby ,the founder of womens health-knowledge and prosperity. I am a practitioner in Chinese medicine {Tcm} and a teacher of Tao philosophy. I conduct classes on health and natural rejuvenation.

48 years ago my husband and I with our two daughters ventured by boat from France to Australia, without a word of English and knowing no one.

As we arrived to port Melbourne two people were waiting for us .

This was an unbelievable surprise ,a surprise arising from the power of word of mouth .For this I am awesomely grateful.

These two people opened their heart and their home, giving us the opportunity to start a new journey easily .

After few years, through word of mouth I was led to a job in a branch of the Reserve Bank of Australia {checking serials money numbers} I am so grateful.

I liked sewing. I used to make my dresses, with a desire that one day I would be able to work in a boutique. I would visualise myself in a boutique serving women.

I believed that I could sell very well. One day through word of mouth I was working as a sales assistant { believe and you can achieve} I became a fashion stylist, it was a passion helping women to select their clothing.

There were lots of laughter in the boutique and in the cubicles: I am a person with a spontaneous sense of humour, a good laugh feel good, it uplifts hearts and gives a happy atmosphere.
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Women’s Health- Knowledge and Prosperity

Patricia KobyThe golden words that pass from one person to another create a flow of healthy energy of giving, receiving ,caring, sharing and above all love. For each human being these golden words represent our principal way of living.

Uplift Your Life With Master Healers

Humour  and Laughter are two joyful life companions and best friends, they share a resemblance of expressing your sense of humour .

As they amuse themselves they awaken smile that emanates a warmth energy, beaming, radiating like the sun light of cheerfulness, joy through your face, lighting up your eyes with kindness, giving an expression of happiness through your lips, inviting you to join them Master healers, which resides within every one of us, they are the one that uplift our live, helping us to express our spontaneity simplicity and expressing the childlike which very often it  misunderstood in our social community , it is also called lighted  heart the forever playful yet with stability and responsibility.

It is your birth right to express joy and experience the feeling of childlike, even do we are adult but ! Through the eye of our true self we are forever child. Master Healers reside within each and every one of us, we need to let go being the controller, tension, stress and allow the master healers to light up our days.

When we laugh with one another a positive bond is

created this bond acts as a buffer towards disagreements and disappointments in our friendships, it is the healer that   uplifts, alleviate anxiety, pain, helping to surmount stress and forgetting  criticism, judgment and doubts, uplifting the dull moods .

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Helping and Supporting Each Other


Listen To The Amazing Interview with

Sandy Forster And Patricia Koby..

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Sandy_Forster_0001Sandy Forster is an International Speaker, Millionaire Mindset Mentor, Bestselling Author and Award Winning Business Owner. Sandy was awarded 2010 Business of the Year, in the Australian Home Based Business Awards as well as 2008 International Mentor of the Year and has transformed her life from welfare to millionaire, now mentoring others around to create their own success. Her book ‘How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST’ is an international bestseller and has introduced tens of thousands of people to Sandy’s practical and proven methods to create a life they love.

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