Early Morning Salute To The Sun

On my early morning walks along the sandy beach, I am astonished by the heavenly body sun that, rises majestically from the horizon of the blue ocean .

I stand and watch as the sky is painted bright red orange and yellow.

Has I admire this stupendous sunrise canvas in the front of me, giving me to feel grateful for every thing I have and see at this moment in time, the sunrise rising giving life to all the planet earth .

Has I was admiring the stupendous sunrise well! I could not help to give a salute, A salute that I have learned from a yogi master when I was teaching in Italy.

I like to share with you all, this simple exercise that can be done along the beach or a forest or at home facing the east were the sun rises.

This yogi exercise will assist you to increase your bodys agility and flexibility.

Standing in a relaxed position with your arms at your side ,take a few deep breaths in and out .

This exercise is done in a slow movement .once you have become accustomed to this exercise ,try to forget yourself and relax into the movement .

This will remove the stubbornness of the mind.

As you breathe in, raise your right arm in front of you. At the same time ,raise your left knee at a 90 degree angle to your body if you can {otherwise 10- or 20 degree}

Breathe out slowly lower your right arm to the side of your body, at the same time lowering your left knee.

Then breathe in raising your left arm in the front of you ,your right knee at a 90 degree angle, breathe out and lower your left arm and right knee. Repeat this action several times slowly . After a while you will feel as if you are not in control of the movement that it is happening at ease .