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Sandy_Forster_0001Sandy Forster is an International Speaker, Millionaire Mindset Mentor, Bestselling Author and Award Winning Business Owner. Sandy was awarded 2010 Business of the Year, in the Australian Home Based Business Awards as well as 2008 International Mentor of the Year and has transformed her life from welfare to millionaire, now mentoring others around to create their own success. Her book ‘How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST’ is an international bestseller and has introduced tens of thousands of people to Sandy’s practical and proven methods to create a life they love.

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Keep Your Dream Alive

by Patricia Koby

Live your life by fulfilling your passion, the flame of happiness

I’d like to share with you a script of my first book – Messages of the Heart. by using my friends willingness, determination as analogy, it help me to stay focus all through my writhing. It gave me to feel being in love with all.

When I was a teenage my dream was to write humorous stories and reciting poesies. I left school went to work to help my parents, then I got marrier, have childrens and look after the muchachos, life was full on. I always believe that one day, I will be able to spend time writing reciting poesies.

Decades passes, one day I open the computer to type an important letters ,instated I started typing these words ~ Messages of the Heart ~ these words come from my inner writer.

My heart was filed with excitement, it was at that moment that I new the time was right for me to venture into a new endeavour which was writing, fulfilling my long time dream.

Finally I have accomplished my first book title Messages of the heart with a meditation on CD. This meditation led’s you to your core heart, the spiritual court yard, your inner universal school if you whish to know the truth or have any question you wish to be answered, this is the sacred place where all is revealed to you. And further more, you will experience your own loving essence that uplift and heal you .

Willingness, Determination and Intuition have been my essential Guides in life, in particular, along the path of writing Messages of the Heart.

They have been my friends who I have relied on for continual support.

As I started the journey of writhing Messages of the Heart, I saw the mountain ahead of me in the distance with a beacon of light at its peak.

I needed to reach and touch the light. I knew it would be a hard and arduous journey, but this was a goal I had to achieve.

With my three Guides, I decided to camp at the foot of a mountain, contemplating how we would climb and how long it would takes us to reach the summit .While contemplating, I felt an energy rising from my inner being that made me cry .I felt I needed to acknowledge this feeling before starting to climb and how long it would, take us to reach the summit .While contemplating I felt an energy rising from my inner being that made me cry .

I felt I needed to acknowledge this feeling before starting the climb up the mountain .

I asked my Guide, Intuition, what should I do to identify this feeling, how should I release the emotional stagnation held within me. I asked Intuition to teach me, to show me the way and send me sign. I then thanked my Guide.

One day later I awoke with an inner knowing .

I had to retrieve a photograph of myself. I chose a photo taken when I was ten years old. I carried this photo with me three times a day I would look at it; each time, childhood memories would appear in my mind. These memories were followed by vision and a realization that my self limiting beliefs about my writing abilities began at the age of twelve.

I remember very clearly that I had devoted a lot of my time writing humorous stories and reciting poetry. At school, I always had high marks for writing humour stories and poems . The teacher always read my comedy stories to the class and we all laughed.

Many times I had to present myself to the headmistress of the school for getting to mischief’s. The headmistress would tell me to tell her one of my sort humour story . She would sit back and close her eyes and listen ., at the end she would say I will purchase your books. Now go back to class and be a good girl.

I never really acknowledged that I could pursue a career writing and reciting poetry until that very moment at the base of the mountain. From the depth of my being a gush of emotion welled up inside of me and overflowed. I cried and cried. I felt this wonderful release .whoosh! I felt so much lighter ! My Guide ,Willingness said, you have acknowledged your strength and passion.

I then heard the voice of my infinite life partner, my Universal Light ,say remember to align your self with me .write your stories and recite poetry. I felt so wonderful and knew it was now time to climb the mountain .

As we climbed, we stopped to camp for few days and sometimes for several weeks. During these rest periods, we read and educated ourselves. As we continued our journey up through the mountain path my Guide Intuition, gave me advice to contemplate on thoughts of light and love throughout the journey. With these thoughts in my mind, we walked up the rugged path until we reached the base of the summit, where we rest.

It was here that an intruder came across our path .I was confronted by Doubt who invaded my mind, telling me to give up as it was too difficult. Doubt told me I was losing energy and wasting time, that I should go back to the base camp, I start to wonder if this could be true. Intuition intervened and said,” please let’s move on.

Doubt will zap your energy, leaving you feeling fatigued and drained of enthusiasm.

Determination and willingness add -Think clearly.!

Do not listen to Doubt. Bring your heart to love and light.

We continued to walk up the rugged path whilst contemplating light and love. The path was very steep not easy to climb. I heard the inner voice of my Universal light say, take it easy, Have you forgotten to align yourself with me . Intuition answered, thank you for your advice. Patricia, it is time to align yourself.

Close your eyes , take a few deep breaths in and slowly out .

As you breath in and out, feel you tummy going up and down according to your breath.

This exercise help you to calm your mind and help your body to relax .

Now, think of a comic situation which made you laugh and project this laughter to your heart .{by giving a glance of laugh at your heart}

Feel the sensation of soothing energy of your laugh, it is like a feather caressing your heart ,feel the feeling of this sensation .

You can recite these words : I now align myself to you my Divine universal light that I am .

As you recite the sentence feel the feeling of each words within your heart or you may feel in deferent part of your body. As you align your self ,you will feel been recharged, ready to face any challenge.

We set off to climb the summit and, in no time we had reached the peak of the mountain . What a magnificent view!

Here I was, standing facing the beacon of light. With strength and support of my guides, I lifted the baton containing the beacon of light and swung it from left to right. The light shone out to the world announcing that Messages of the Heart has been born.

Suddenly ,another Guide ,Achiever appeared and said, you have mad it. I knew you would. I always believed in you. Good on you ! Another Guide called Love came and said to me ,“I love you.” you have fulfil your core soul purpose which become your passion

Reignite your passion and embrace it within yourself, then share it as often as possible.


       I thank you for taking the time to read.


                     Keep your dream alive ….