Rekindling The Spirit Of People

The key to human progress is to have enough people who can devote themselves to rise their own field of energy to Send and touch other human fields. The effect is to inspire each other towards, their own great potential.


Dear readers

My friend the pen and I have always had a passion for writing. The pen waltzes on the landscape of the paper, while my inner angelic light caresses my hands. I feel its subtle vibrational energy tingling and flowing through my body, filling my heart with its essence. It empowers me with courage and guides me to create a colourful humorous ‘tapestry-of life-stories’ for your enjoyment. I also wish to share with you a variety of simple, effective exercises so that you may experience the inner peace and loving essence too.

 Here is the first of many meditation exercises to come your way:

Shine the Light of your Soul

 We human beings are multi-dimensional beings. We are an infinite vibrational light energy living within a uniform. Our uniform is our physical body. Our vibrational light energy expands out into the infinite universe. This is your true soul light. I also call this the spiritual court yard or the inner universal school. If you wish to know the truth or have questions you want to be answered, this is the place where all will be revealed to you and where your soul light releases its loving essence that heals and uplifts your wellbeing.

I encourage you to take time to embrace your soul light. After all it is your life companion. It patiently waits to give you love and guides you while shining its light on your decisions, actions and commitments.

I would like to share this effective mantra with you. It is best to practice it in quietness at least once a day for one month.

Seat or lay-down in a comfortable position.

Take slow, deep, breaths in and out {5 to 8 times}. Close your eyes and now simply breathe normally.

Place your hands over your heart and intentionally say the following sentences:

 Light of my heart, the soul that I am

Hold me in your flame of love. Hold me.

Let me feel your loving energy, through my heart, your temple.

Light of my heart, the soul that I am, fulfil my asking. My time is yours.

Repeat this sentence as many time as you wish {except when driving}.

If you like, you can even sing this mantra at home. It will create a wave of good energy around your home.

In my experience, using this mantra at night while in bed and before falling asleep, is most beneficial. It will allow you to sleep in a meditative state and wake up fresh and rejuvenated.  

I would love to hear from you about the effect of this mantra exercise.

Be patient. Your soul light will send you loving energy, the trough essence of who you truly are. A priceless experience Best wishes Patricia Koby or visit