Comments from participants of classes….


“For 9 months I have participated in Patricia Koby workshops. The result I had was a complete transformation, which leads me to regain confidence and I could finely fulfill my life purpose. Patricia has the ability to cater for a wide range of people from different backgrounds. She is able to teach by attending every ones different needs.”


“For the past 2 years I have been attending courses conducted on health, rejuvenation and enlightenment with Patricia. I have found that I can maintain my stress levels at work and I’m able to enjoy my leisure time to it’s fullest. Patricia gave the best of her ability in every aspect and I have been fortunate to be involved with her teaching and healing over the past year.”
D.L.P (Victoria)


“I have had the pleasure of doing a one year course on self healing, that was an excellent introduction into self health responsibility.
Patricia has obviously spent a great part of her life studying, researching, observing and applying her subject matter well. She is a marvelous teacher on the inner health and well being. Without hesitation I have recommended my patients to Patricia’s classes on self healing uplifting their life.”
Dr.B.N (Queensland)


“I have attended Patricia’s workshops for 2 years, I have learned to honour myself through self nurturing and being true to myself. I like the idea of self management and I now feel more in control of my own health and well being as, I now have the tools to address many different situations. Patricia’s dedication, her radiance, enthusiasm and vitality is infectious and inspiring. Her delivery as a teacher is excellent as she combines both spirituality and practical. I’m very grateful I have had the opportunity to embrace Patricia’s teaching and implement these philosophies into everyday life and I would not hesitate to recommend this beautiful course to any prospective students.”
L.D.M. (Queensland)


“For one year, my friends and I participated in Patricia’s self healing course, we were all very impressed that we booked for an extra year for the advance course the inner spiritual education. Patricia is not only a wonderful person, who interacts exceptionally well all class members, she is an engaging and interactive teacher. She is an excellent mentor who is obviously highly experienced and qualified in her field of healing, easy to learn from her. Thank you Patricia.”

H.O and R.L (Victoria)


“Patricia Koby has been very helpful in imparting her knowledge of the Tao philosophy with Chinese Medicine and her own life’s knowledge and experiences. It has been a most informative and rewarding courses on mind, body and spirit. She guided the whole class to find the inner self toward awakening dormant life purpose. An experience I will never forget. I’m very grateful to have Patricia as a teacher. Patricia shares her unconditional love before starting her classes, that gives us an uplifted boost of energy. From my heart, love to you and thank you for your teaching and advice.”

L.B.M (Victoria)