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Patricia KobyThe golden words that pass from one person to another create a flow of healthy energy of giving, receiving ,caring, sharing and above all love. For each human being these golden words represent our principal way of living.

Uplift Your Life With Master Healers

Humour  and Laughter are two joyful life companions and best friends, they share a resemblance of expressing your sense of humour .

As they amuse themselves they awaken smile that emanates a warmth energy, beaming, radiating like the sun light of cheerfulness, joy through your face, lighting up your eyes with kindness, giving an expression of happiness through your lips, inviting you to join them Master healers, which resides within every one of us, they are the one that uplift our live, helping us to express our spontaneity simplicity and expressing the childlike which very often it  misunderstood in our social community , it is also called lighted  heart the forever playful yet with stability and responsibility.

It is your birth right to express joy and experience the feeling of childlike, even do we are adult but ! Through the eye of our true self we are forever child. Master Healers reside within each and every one of us, we need to let go being the controller, tension, stress and allow the master healers to light up our days.

When we laugh with one another a positive bond is

created this bond acts as a buffer towards disagreements and disappointments in our friendships, it is the healer that   uplifts, alleviate anxiety, pain, helping to surmount stress and forgetting  criticism, judgment and doubts, uplifting the dull moods .

A good belly laugh will always lighten our mood and lift any burdens ,it keep relationships and friendships fresh and exciting by sharing laughter .

The ability to laugh at ourselves and not others gives a positive outlook on life, it can change our perspective on life in general and help us to accomplish our goals and ease challenges .

Laughter raises our energetic vibration ! Not only makes you feel better it also radiates to everyone else around you, as well as giving you the courage and strength to find new sources of meaning and inspiring you with hopes, it also helps to release unhealthy inhibitions and it paves the way for friendships  bringing comfort and free expression in relationships and happiness between two people. Sharing laughter is one of the most effective ways for keeping relationships exciting and fresh .

Laughter triggers endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals . By releasing endorphins through laughter it increases blood flow which can help  protect us against cardiovascular problems .

Research has shown that laughter boosts the immune system while promoting oxygen to the body and increasing the amplitude of breathing.

Did you know, laughter relieves physical tension and stress!

Our muscles are relaxed for up to 45 minutes after a fit of laughter ! Stress hormones are decreased and immune cells are increased ! So! Go on surround yourself with happy people, exchange jokes watch comical movies and search actively for things that make you smile and laugh .

Ask yourself these Questions

How many times this week have I had a really good laugh? Ask friends – Have you heard any funny stories this week you would like to share with me ? All it takes is the willingness to listen and find the humour in all things ,good wholesome humour .. I suggest reading and listening jokes , exchanging them with people you know well which will result in a happy feeling good , uplifting yourself as well has your surroundings , watch funny movie , actively search for things that make you laugh. Surround yourself with people that are happy.

For those who have difficulty in reaching this state , consult therapist that offer laughter workshops . Have fun ! Spend time with fun .


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