Workshop Modules

The golden words that pass from one person to another create a flow of healthy energy of giving, receiving, caring, sharing and above all, love for each human being. These golden words represent our principal way of living..
Patricia Sandra Koby

Outline of Self Healing Workshop Modules

Patricia offers you an eight week course on self healing which will give you an absolute inner transformation that will uplift your well being. A course based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Tao philosophy. Here are the details of the course modules..

Module One

  • Self Healing Course ModulesThe basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Introduction to Taoist Philosophy
  • Meditation techniques focusing on stretching and breathing exercises
  • Learn how to smile at your heart to create uplifting energy
  • Basic understanding of the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth
  • Yin and Yang Philosophy and the background effect on our everyday life actions

Module Two

  • Meditation techniques to identify and remove obstructions in the energy field
  • Meditation techniques focusing on massaging your body with your breath to alleviate discomfort in your body
  • The three treasures: Jin, Qi and Shen – the preservation, protection and nourishment that forms the foundation of optimum health and spiritual well being
  • Understanding the patterns of diagnostic principles
  • Six external factors – disharmony that relates to climatic conditions, that is, the weather
  • The seven internal factors related to our emotions

Module Three

  • Movement of Qi energy
  • Meditation – Gentle dance movement of the Lotus Flower
  • External exercises – Dance of the Five Organs (Zang Fu)
  • The alchemy of the five Shen – the five spirits
  • Qi disharmonies with signs and symptoms
  • The eight basic types of Qi and the functions of Qi in the body

Module Four

  • The importance of siesta meditation
  • Meditation exercises – Salute to the Sun / Dance of elements to bring flexibility
  • What are meridians? The functions of the 12 meridians and the 12 meridian pathways, locations and major acupressure points for self healing
  • Raise and maintain your energy and project this energy into the areas of your life that need it the most
  • Learn about the best time of the day to investigate a variety of creative activities such as painting and writing. This process allows one to enhance the ability to improve health by increasing vitality, prosperity and spiritual growth. This universal energy enters the meridians of our bodies in twenty four hour cycles and resides in each of our organs for 2 hours. This universal energy field moves through the cosmos and earth in cycles

Module Five

  • Meditation – Dance of Elements / Connecting with the energy of nature
  • Smile at your heart and guide your smiling energy to any discomfort in your body
  • Project your healing smile to any discomfort in any part of your body
  • Learn how to smile at your heart. Envelop and caress your heart with your smiling energy that heals and uplifts your well being
  • Expressive gentle dance movements which have a beneficial effect on the body meridians
  • Recycling your Qi energy to feel better, uplifted and rejuvenated

Module Six

  • Learn how by smiling at your heart you can project your healing smile to others in need of healing
  • Smile and massage your body and feel the upliftment that your smile gives you
  • Massage your spine with a smile
  • Meditation – The importance of a siesta
  • Specific body positions to enhance the body’s Qi energy that aligns with your soul
  • Meditation – Gentle dance movement of the meridians

Module Seven

  • Be healthy and boost your energy with food which is your medicine
  • Nutrition – understand the Qi energy in food. Learn about the five flavours of herbs
  • Video demonstration of cooking dishes according to the seasons
  • Learn the importance of eating in harmony with the seasons. Vegetables, fruits and other foods that are available during each season are the very foods that contain exactly what we need to promote and maintain good health during that season. In losing our connection with the source of our foods, we have lost some of our intuitive awareness of foods while all natural foods are good. What you eat flows into every part of your life
  • Meditation – Qigong promoting weight loss
  • Meditation – Journey within the Core of your Heart

Module Eight

  • Learn how the five elements – wood, earth, metal, fire, water affect our wellbeing
  • Learn how each element relates to seasons. For example, the water element relates to winter
  • Introduction to nutrition
  • Learn about digestion and absorption of foods
  • Learn how carbohydrates, protein and lipids affect our bodies
  • Food preparation – for example, what types of herbs and spices complement which foods
  • Meditation – walking in the forest enjoying the nature. Absorbing the energy of trees and what nature has to offer

Module Nine

  • What is intuitive cooking? Learn how intuitive cooking can balance mind, body and spirit
  • Learn to feed not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Turn ordinary food into something special
  • Meditation – walking along the sandy beach absorbing the Qi energy of the ocean by practising Qi-gong breathing exercises
  • Journey within the Core of your Heart
  • “Soul banquet” Cook delicious food according to the season
  • Learn how longevity requires treating food with the same respect given towards your own body

Module Ten

  • Modules revisions following by a “Soul banquet” a celebration the final course. Certificate of completion of the course is presented

Eight weeks of self healing with Patricia, will give you an absolute inner transformation which will uplift your well being.

I welcome you all with a smile!

For more information, contact Patricia for course details on 0402 655 682