Self Healing Workshops

Patricia offers you an eight week course on self healing which will give you an absolute inner transformation that will uplift your well being. A course based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Tao philosophy. Click Here to view an outline of the workshop modules.

Patricia Koby is a teacher in the field of Vibrational Energy Healing and Tao Philosophy and author of her book title Messages of the Heart. She has 35 years experience practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and conducting classes, on health and well-being. Patricia continues to pursue her passion by giving support to women, from all walks of life on health and well being. She helps them find their passions by enhancing, their understanding of how to increase and transform their inner Qi energy.

Self Healing Workshops

The inner Qi energy harnesses health, happiness and wealth. It enables people to see and feel how their personal inner energy field increases to uplift and motivate their actions and decisions. It enables people to achieve their goals or desires effortlessly, while experiencing inner peace. By increasing and transforming the Qi energy one feels inner joy, glowing health and rejuvenation and will have the strength and motivation to make decisions and take action to achieve positive goals.

Patricia conducts her classes with humour and simple explanations. She instructs her clients and class participants with techniques which they can take away and use whenever necessary. She makes an enormous difference in helping her participants to recognize and release their greatness. This greatness lies within us all. Patricia practices what she preaches and she attributes her glowing health, youthful appearance and energetic nature to her daily practice of transforming her inner Qi energy. She allows herself all good things in life within moderation, which is the key component to a healthy joyful lifestyle.

Patricia has created an Eight Week Course On Self Healing That Will Uplift Your Well Being, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tao philosophy.

The course has been tried and tested with excellent results. The aim of the course is to increase and understand your personal Qi energy field to take care of yourself and your family, or friends. It can be also implemented in an exciting healing profession; it may be used as well, to fulfill a burning desire for knowledge.

‘I am grateful to have discovered my passion at an early age. It has led me on a journey of fulfilment by being able to help others through healing and giving life advice. I am fully committed to bringing change into people’s lives.’ .. Patricia Koby


I have had the pleasure doing a then week’s holistic self healing course with Patricia’s, her presentation of subjects and the way she conducted her classes was excellent. Her knowledge and wisdom is incredible simple and effective. Patricia course is well structured, with clear explanations, which has enabled me to continue using these exercises in my every day life. Patricia’s classes are enjoyable a varied, it’s a pleasure to spend time with her, especially when one learns so much.. Nancy Valnere

Course Details

COURSE COST – $650 for the 8 week course (includes lunch and afternoon tea)
PAYMENT OPTION – 5 installments of $130
METHOD OF PAYMENT – Money Order or Cash

For more information, contact Patricia for course details on 0402 655 682